This workshop focused on each of the creative functions that comprise the theatre making process. Workshops were conducted in Acting, Directing, Set Design, Sound Design, Lighting Design and Stage Management. The workshop was a week-long with each day dedicated to a different creative element. The artist(s) involved were responsible for teaching the participants the fundamentals… Read more »


An artist talk by Peter Minshall, acclaimed Caribbean Carnival Artist who designed the Opening Ceremonies for Barcelona and Atlanta Summer Olympics, and the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. In the Trinidad Carnival, there is a form of creative expression that is called “Mas,” which is based on the practice of masquerade, but has long transcended… Read more »


In conjunction with the play Rum and Coca Cola we launched a Calypso Workshop where 14 young teens were invited to participate in a two-day workshop that exposed them to Songwriting, Music Production, Recording and Post Production. Helmed by the artists of Highway Record, the participants were guided through the craft of music-making whilst giving… Read more »